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Bonjour Amigos  by  David   Gustafson

Bonjour Amigos by David Gustafson
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Is todays mindless culture dragging you down and insulting your intelligence? Is all that boob tube psycho-babble beneath your dignity?Do you experience spells of sudden anxiety and anarchistic tendencies that make you want to throw a Molotov cocktail at your television set for spewing its flatulent nonsense 24/7?Do the babbling bobble-heads drive you nuts with the sanctimoniousness of their predictable opinions?Do you wonder what primordial gene pool those mindless reality stars slithered out of to populate the entire boob tube universe from the East to the West and from the West to the East?Take a deep breath!

Do not burn your own house down! Inoculate your family and its DNA from the barbarians!Bonjour Amigos featuring its cheeky, ladyboy reality star Carla Flamingo is here to help repair the damage that has crept into your brain with the cunning of a computer virus.This noir satire is a tongue-in-cheek spoof in the tradition of Evelyn Waughs The Loved One, that lampooned an earlier age of American silliness.Please check out my Goodreads blog to preview excerpts from Bonjour Amigos. you read the novel, please be so kind as to post your review with Goodreads and Amazon.Thanks,David

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